Vinicius Carrasco


Department of Economics, PUC-Rio

Rua Marquês de São Vicente, 225. Gávea.

22453-900 Rio de Janeiro, RJ. Brazil.

Phone: 55-21-3527-1078

Fax: 55-21-3527-1084

E-mail: vnc [at] econ [dot] puc-rio [dot] br




2000-2005: Department of Economics, Stanford University


Ph.D. in Economics


Dissertation:  Essays on Corporate Board Structure, Financial Syndication, and Organizational Structure.


Dissertation Committee: Susan Athey (Co-Principal Advisor), Jonathan Levin (Co-Principal Advisor), Ilya Segal


1998-2000: PUC-Rio


M.Sc. in Economics


1994-1997: UFRGS


B.A. in Economics




2005-Present: PUC-Rio


Assistant Professor of Economics




“Dividing and Discarding: A Procedure to take decisions with NTU” (joint with Willie Fuchs and Humberto Moreira)

 “From Equals to Despots: The dynamics of repeated decision-making with private information” (joint with Willie Fuchs)

 “Coordination and the Provision of Incentives to a Common Regulated Firm”  (joint with Johann Caro. Forthcoming at the International Journal of Industrial Organization)

 “ Repeated Lending Under Contractual Incompleteness” (joint with João M. P. De Mello. Annals of Finance, Vol. 3, N.1, 2010)

 “Common Agency, Organizational Design and the Hold-Up Problem” (Economics Letters, Vol. 108, Issue 3, 2010).    

 “Coordinated Strategic Defaults and Financial Fragility in a Costly State Verification Model” (joint with Pablo Salgado)

 “Outside Options and the Limiting Distribution of Power in Repeated Decision Taking” (joint with Johann Caro)

 “A sticky-dispersed information Phillips Curve: A model with partial and delayed information” (joint with Waldyr Areosa and Marta Areosa)


Work in Progress


“Optimal Dynamic Regulation when Investment is non-contractible” (with Paulo Daniel Salles)


“Optimal Policies when information is sticky and dispersed” (joint with Waldyr Areosa and Marta Areosa)


“Robust Decision-Making”  (joint with Humberto Moreira)


“How do players take joint actions? Experimental Evidence” (joint with Willie Fuchs, and Carmit Segal)


“Competing to Provide Incentives to a Privately Informed Agent”


Work in Portuguese


Bonomo, M, V. Carrasco and H. Moreira. “Inflationary Inertia, Evolutionary Learning, and Recessions”, Brazilian Review of Economics, vol.57(3): 663-681, 2003. (In Portuguese).



Antitrust Activities:


Defense of the Fidelization Program “ Contigo” on behalf of AMBEV.


Expert Witness Report on behalf of distributor COBRAÇO on a vertical foreclosure liability case against ARCELOR-MITTAL (former Siderúrgica Belgo-Mineira)


Expert Witness Report on behalf of Sindicato dos Construtores de Minas Gerais (SINDUSCON-MG) in the overprice litigation against the rebar cartel


Fellowships and Awards


PUC-Rio’s Research Grant, 2010-2012

PUC-Rio’s Research Grant, 2008-2010

Stanford Institute for Economic Policy Research: Dissertation Fellowship, 2005.

John M. Olin Program in Law and Economics, Stanford Law School: Summer Research Fellowship, 2004.

Economics Department, Stanford University: Outstanding Teaching Award (Graduate Level), 2003.

Economics Department, Stanford University: Outstanding Teaching Award, 2002.

Economics Department, Stanford University: Ph.D. Fellowship, 2000-2001.

Department of Economics, PUC-Rio: BBM Bank Fellowship for Academic Performance, 1999-2000.

Capes (Brazilian Government’s Agency for Graduate Studies): Master’s Fellowship, 1998-1999.

Department of Economics, UFRGS: Ranked First Among 65 Graduating Students.

Brazilian National Research Council (CNPQ): Undergraduate Research Fellowship, 1995-1997.


Referee Services and Conferences:


 American Economic Review, Review of Economic Studies, Journal of Economic Theory and Review of Brazilian Econometrics.

Co-Organizer of the 2010 Latin American Workshop in Economic Theory of the Econometric Sociey